Welcome to Hello. Normal. with Becca. I'm so happy you found us. I'm going to give raw truth, real emotions and the facts of living every single day life on a diabetic's life and what led my husband to a Double Transplant, failure. If I can reach just one of you to answer your uncertainties, hold your hand or just give you hope, mission accomplished.
Hello. Normal. symbols to me living the life, caring for a loved one with chronic illness on a daily basis becomes to feel normal, that you forget what should be "normal". 
Chronic illness is hard enough to live with feeling so sick. That I also made a small section within my site on researched and tested so many different cleaning products, that I'm dedicated to guiding you on your way to a healthier, all-natural, chemical free home. Research has shown how bad cleaning chemicals can be and I feel it's so important to lead a chemical free home for your diabetic and your family overall.
I'm so happy you're here, grab a cup of coffee, relax and indulge into some great content made just for you. Let us cry, let us rejoice but most of all, may we be warriors in our unnormal life. 
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You've got this. And you've got a friend. YOU are NOT alone.
xoxo, becca

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Becca S.

I've been a caregiver for 18 years to my husband that has fought diabetes, amputations, dialysis, legally blind, double transplant, to a disheartening transplant failure and now back on dialysis.

But by the grace of God for the 2nd time, we are awaiting him to be approved to be back on the transplant list!

We've held onto our faith witnessing God work personally in our journey.

His health is what drives passion and share about becoming committed to a more healthy, all-natural home. This is what lead me to become so knowledgeable and passionate about All-Natural cleaning products. Plus, it's overall better for the entire family and the environment verses using chemicals.

  I'm excited and going through huge emotions while I'm currently working on my e-book about my life exposed, wide open. It will be filled with raw details - chronic illness, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, joy and achieving the impossible.

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