Pricking your Finger made Easy. How to draw enough Blood for your Glucose Meter 

Are you experiencing troubles drawing enough blood to test for an accurate blood sugar level on your glucose meter?

It’s the smallest amount of blood needed for that little test strip, but yet no matter how hard you seem to squeeze, you are tapped out of blood!

Some tips and tricks that my husband and I learned that will help you to get the blood flowing for easier testing.

  1. Get your hands warmed up, get that blood flowing. Cold hands slow down circulation.
  2. Once your hands are warmed up, begin with your thumb and first finger, start at the knuckle and rub upwards to the tip on the finger you wish to draw blood from. Do this several times. The tip of your finger will turn red.
  3. If you are still experiencing issues getting enough blood. Take your thumb on the same hand of the finger you wish to draw blood from, use your thumb to rub up, pushing blood to the tip of your finger and hold your thumb at the top of that finger, it will be red in color as your blood is pushed up with the help of your thumb. Prick your finger while the blood is rushed to the top of that finger.
  4. Make sure your lancet is new, if it's dull, pricking your finger will be more painful. Plus, tips 1 through 3 will be more difficult to accomplish.

Below are some guides on different types of blood glucose meters. I've linked them directly for your convenience so you can see what's the best for your lifestyle. 

Maybe you’re tired of pricking your finger day in and day out. Technology has come such a long way and making amazing strides each year. There is the Glucose Wizard, no pricking, no pain glucose monitor. How awesome is that! It comes with a hefty price tag, but is it worth it to you to not have to prick your finger countless times a day? 

If you prefer and trust the traditional way of pricking your finger, here are some of our most trusted glucose monitors that stood the test of time for us over the years:

Bayer Contour a great, trusted brand my husband used for years.

OneTouch Ultra Mini is perfect for on the go and doesn't take up much space in your purse/pants pocket!

Care Touch for Ketone at home testing to ensure you are not in DKA, LIFESAVER! Or there is urine test strips to test your Ketones, less pricking the better!

Lastly, technology has came a long way when it comes to managing your diabetes. Check this out, an app linked to your meter that you can track your sugar levels, show your doctor your readings and tons more features. It may be an option for IPhone and Android users! See this item at for more information.

As you see, the options are endless and I hope you find the right meter that fits your needs. I'm happy to help you and answer any questions. Feel free to leave a comment or reach out. 

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