Coping with Diabetes: The Truth About Emotions From a Diabetic

Getting the news that you have diabetes or on the verge as a borderline diabetic. Now what? Learning how you can cope and ride the waves as a new diabetic can be one of the most difficult times in your life.

Rest assure, even though you feel as though you are all alone, you are not alone.

Diabetes, can feel like you are holding tight to the side of a rocking ship caught in a storm.. Until that emotional storm passes and sometimes that B when the day ends.

I am going to be real with you, coping with diabetes is a tough road. It's going to be a big change in your life..


There's days you’re not quite acting your usual self, experiencing sadness, depression and anger. Experiencing the emotional side of diabetes is frustrating. 

The day your Dr said “you have diabetes” the news may be weighing heavy on your heart.

Below are tips straight from a diabetic that has suffered endless amounts of DKA, Blindness, a wound vac to 2 amputations, stage 5 kidney failure, dialysis, suicidal, double transplant then back to dialysis because his kidney rejected has real life experience and ways that got him through his darkest hours. 

Now, getting emotional information from my husband is extremely hard, but he wants to share ways you too can benefit whether you've been living with diabetes for years and it’s taking its toll on you or if you are recently diagnosed. He knows first hand it's so hard to shake your negative thoughts?  **we are not doctors and do not proclaim to be. If you are suicidal please seek medical attention asap.**

If this sounds familiar, keep reading.

I've interviewing my hero. A former diabetic, a true fighter that inspires me everyday to push, to be better, my husband Vince, an 18 year professional at suffering with being so sick from diabetes before he received a life saving double transplant, then sadly suffered a kidney rejection - leaving him back on dialysis. He has suffered multiple side effects to diabetes. Learning how his answers, strategies and tips may just save you.

My husband, Vince and our son, Cody. 2018 Beach trip in FL. Soon to be destination home in Summer 2019. Because Life's too short! You have to LIVE!

My husband, Vince and our son, Cody. 2018 Beach trip in FL. Soon to be destination home in Summer 2019. Because Life's too short! You have to LIVE!


Let's dive in, advice, tips and motivation on how you can apply these self-help strategies within your own life.

What is happening inside when you’re angry, depressed and how to hang on tight to the joyous moments. The moments that keep you positive and happy. 

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Negativity will eat you alive.
  • If someone is asking why you're angry - you're angry. Even if you think you're not. Check your blood sugar.
  • Fight yourself and think about how much your family/friends/loved ones love you. For me, it was my kids and wife that pulled me through my darkest hours.
  • Managing your blood sugar spikes will help with emotions.
  • Have faith and just pray. Pray when you don't want to, especially when you don't think it will do any good. 
  • Focus on your hopes and dreams. 
  • and most important of all - NEVER GIVE UP.
These sound so simple and like "duh"... right? Everyone knows this. But, seriously, when you are riding the emotions, these are so important. You have to hang on, remember these. Write them down. Hang them up for you to see. 

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