Caring for the Caregiver: a Caregiver's Advice for type 1 diabetes

I'm a wife, a mother of 2 and a caregiver to my husband that struggled with Type 1 diabetes for 16 years and still suffering the after effects to this day. He is a post-double transplant, totaling 18 years total of pure illness.

How to take care of the caregiver, because it's so important.

today is about you!, how to take care of YOU as a diabetic caregiver, a dialysis caregiver.  

When I research the web, I searched for me as a caregiver. The results I came up with was how to take care of the diabetic as a caregiver. I loved this book and always looking for information to keep my own mind peaceful. It sells on amazon and I highly recommend it.

But what about me? I used to think.

Not that I felt I was anymore important than him being beyond sick with diabetes but it takes a toll on the caregiver emotionally and physically. It truly does. 

I understand you and I'm here to support you.

Things I wish I would have done for ME:

  • You MUST ask for help from family members or friends. Ask them to come over for a day or however long YOU NEED so you can get away from the house - treat yourself to lunch, a spa day. Go find a bank by a lake and just sit in silence. YOU NEED this. Do NOT think you are being selfish.
  • Take care of yourself first so you can take care of your patient.
  • If you're feeling stressed out, take a minute to go lay, rest, take a break, pray, cry, read a book. Do something to relieve your stress. I LOVE essential oils, especially young living. I highly recommend to rejuvenate yourself, for YOU.
  • Laugh, and laugh a lot through the sadness and heartache. People are gonna think you are bat-crazy. But you HAVE to to keep YOUR sanity.
  • Do NOT let this defeat you. Everyday is a renewed day. 
  • Count your blessings. Even if you can't think of one, there is ALWAYS one. 
  • Take walks every chance you can get. Walks release stress which gets your mind and body back on track. (Walking is also really good for diabetics!)
  • Go do charity work, you will see others are struggling with their own battles.
  • Take a day trip with friends. Or just go for coffee.
  • You have to also live. It's not being selfish.
  • Pray and pray a lot for yourself, for your diabetic patient and for others that need a prayer.

Once you have your mind right and you are taken care of mentally, you can take care of your diabetic without you feeling stressed. It's just as important for them as it is for yourself.

Studies have shown that being a caregiver can also deteriorate your own health in the long run, this is why it's so important that you take care too. 

Please connect with me by sending me your email address with a comment. I'll respond, we'll talk, cry, laugh or pray. Whatever you need. 


Love, Becca

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