Get Informed about Diabetes as a Caregiver

Now that your spouse or loved one that you live with has been painfully diagnosed with diabetes, for us it was Type 1. Life gets real. Right now. Once you get your thoughts together (ASAP), you've got to pull it together, because you, my friend, you're about to be the biggest super warrior on the face of the plant caring your patient through their biggest battle. You will become their lifeline. 

"It's okay to breakdown, but it's not okay to stay there."

Your first action has got to be to do your research, not everything you read online is going to be correct information. My biggest mistake was reading foods or recipes that would cure Type 1 diabetes. From our experience, sadly, it didn't ring true for my husband. However, he's a skeptic and wouldn't try half of what I tried forcing on him.

My husband being a super picky eater with weird foods doesn't mean you have to ever give up hope or stop trying. Absolutely, there are foods that help lower sugar levels and certain foods they can eat as much as they want to without affecting their sugar levels, according to his doctor. Which proved true on his glucose meter. But you must know, there are foods that will raise their blood sugar levels quickly and dangerously. 

I'm a firm believer: God placed all-natural plants/herbs/food on this earth that are for healing. 

The most important thing you should be doing in the beginning and clear throughout your new journey is research. In my opinion, I felt there were all-natural ways of helping lower my husband's sugar but his doctor said "no, way" insulin is the only way to treat it. 

Now, now... I'm very driven and hard headed, that I didn't want to believe his doctor and felt that was only half true. And, I'm hearing a buzz in the diabetes world that research is testing a cure. Not to get your hopes up, but I have read up on it. Which I may do an article on in the future.

Because, right now, you need to focus on getting past the sadness, which for me never really went away and focus on being a rock for your family.

Here are some tips that needs to be set in place right now, so your loved one can get on a routine. A routine prevents them from still "living a normal life". Normal is gone. 

My recommendations is after talking with your doctor, look for diabetic cookbooks to help with meals. Cooking for a diabetic can get bland and old quickly.

This is your new normal.

This is just the beginning tips in our experience that I wished we had when we first found out. But, we were young, I was only 20 and he was 24 years old, we had no clue what the heck was going on. 

See below some of our tips to get you started. (I don't want to overwhelm you so soon, there will be plenty of time for that)

Feel free to share!

Feel free to share!

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Love, Becca, Hello.Normal.