All Natural Room Fresheners

Photo credits: Hello.Normal., Becca Serio

Photo credits: Hello.Normal., Becca Serio

When it comes to room sprays, spraying those nasty chemicals into the air, the air you are breathing, sucking into your lungs. GROSS! And in my opinion, some scents don’t even smell that great! That made my anxiety go from 0 to 100 just thinking about who knows what we’re sniffing!


Many people suffer greatly from asthma, allergies and other breathing triggers. Studies are shown that many air fresheners being dispersed into the air in your home, will more than heighten your symptoms and cause lung problems.

I think about about my family and pets when it comes to all the studies leading back to lung issues! And for so many homes that have fish – those chemicals land on top of their water, polluting their every breath.

I remember a time that I felt responsible for adding a potential sickness to my family because I was using chemicals in my home. Let’s face it, we all have enough daily challenges! And there’s just no need to add to the issues.

So, Becca, how do you freshen your home without chemicals? I’m glad you asked! I will be happy to give you my top recommended products and brands that I’m head over heels about.


With the world striving to-green, choose healthy lifestyles and live a more sustainable life, my top pick is:


All natural room sprays are the best alternative that I trust. Hands down. I’m literally addicted right now to Mrs. Meyer’s honeysuckle. Oh my Heavens! it is seriously like summer greatness in a bottle. Not only do I want to eat the air after I spray it, but my feel goods come from it being 100% eco-friendly and made right from the earth’s all natural ingredients.


room spray.jpg

Smells beyond good!

Mrs. Meyer's Honeysuckle wins this round!

Mom props for sure! Definitely no #momfail here!  


Look, if I’m spraying to freshen up the air in my home, it has to be no doubt all natural. I have really important people living with me and so do you!


What drives my passion to remain all natural cleaning in my home is my husband, he is a post-double transplant patient and transplant failure back on dialysis. He gets the worst headaches, coughs often and just never feels well. I don’t want to add to his chronic illness, I want to ensure what I’m using will not flare up his symptoms even more. Do you have a loved one that you could be toxicating and contributing to their health simply because your cleaning supplies are full of chemicals?

Since I’ve made the switch to all natural cleaning products, his reactions that once flared up have been flawless with Mrs. Meyer’s room spray. Even my kids complain less since using this spray! Less complaining, bonus.

Plus, it makes me sick to think my babies were playing in the living room as I’m going around like a banshee spraying the crap out of my house. And their precious bodies soaking up chemicals.


Believe it or not, I’ve even caught my husband spraying it because he likes the smell as well! Or… maybe he’s just more stinky than the rest of us and needs it more than the rest, lol! Either way – husband approved. Plus, he doesn’t really get a choice on this issue. (If mom’s happy, we’re all happy, right?!)


So here is my biggest recommendation for the week according to my research, trials and errors.


Hands down, Mrs. Meyer’s All Natural Room Spray in Honeysuckle. You should also try her other scents like Geranium and Lemon Verbena. You will not be disappointed.

Maybe you have a child that has a hard time falling asleep? Try burning a lavender candle before bedtime. I also used lavender before school and during homework in the evenings to help my son focus. Lavender is naturally calming to help the body relax and prepare for sleep. My favorite I recommend is, Mrs Meyer's Soy candles.