All Natural Bathroom Cleaners

Photo Credits: Hello.Normal. Becca

Photo Credits: Hello.Normal. Becca

Holding your nose and running out of the bathroom after spraying that highly toxic chemical in your shower stall because you can’t catch your breath. Sound familiar? Now, imagine your children playing in the room beside you while you are scrubbing your arm off or your dog laying nearby waiting for you to be done cleaning.

You may think they are far enough away from that over intoxicating smell that it won’t
hurt them. But, if they are anywhere in the same house – it is also poisoning them as well.

By reading the label, there are precautionary labels advising to contact poison control with the phone number. My feeling is, if that disclosure is listed, just to be able use that product. Are we suuuure it's safe for use? Simply by storing the product in the house, usually stored under the bathroom or kitchen sink where your child can easily grab or the animals so low to the ground can still smell long after use.

Is your stomach cringing? Mine sure is!
It's not worth it to me to use toxic cleaning products.

You’re thinking “but I need that extra boost of power to scrub soap scum away”.
What if I told you, I once thought just like you for many years, believing toxic products were better at cleaning because they ‘smell’ the part and say they do xyz.

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Why I'm a true believer in All Natural Cleaning Products.

I started my journey looking for an All Natural Cleaning product for my husband that has suffered from a chronic illness for 18 years. 


Chemicals can damage lungs, flare up asthma and overall completely bad for you. With healthier choices and going green making it's way more and more into homes, I feel cleaning products are high up on that list as well. 

 I have now been hooked using Method designated for the bathroom for a few years now.

My home is so much cleaner, smells fresher, plus is way safer for my
entire family. They don’t complain about the over bearing smell of the intoxicating products. The smell of Method Spearmint is so much more appealing and pleasant.

You load up your supply in bulk, how I do or individual bottles that save the wallet.

Method Bathroom Cleaners, is an all-natural, pleasant smelling that's not overpowering and also comes in Eucalyptus Mint which also smells great and is a power punch in a bottle. Like my own secret weapon!

Method is completely safe for your children, pets and you!

I swear by it, there is even LESS scrubbing which is unbelievable. Momma life saver.

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